Adam Haynes grew up in smalltown, USA--Fulton, KY. Being the youngest of two children, his parents, James and Kaye, and his older sister, Amanda, always encouraged him to follow his heart, especially when it came to music and the Lord.

Surrounded by the love of music and the love of Jesus since birth, these same passions were instilled in Adam for life. Adam accepted Jesus'; invitation at age 10 for that intimate, one-on-one relationship with Him and His Father. The years that followed paved the way for Adam's deire to lead God's people into His awesome presence.

With the gift of music in his blood and the blessing of God on his shoulders, Adam embraced God's call into ministry, not knowig what was in store, but knowing that God did. After high school, Adam began his life of ministry at Murray State University, Murray, KY.

Adam traveled with his college roommate and speaker, Tom Richter, all over, spanning seven states, leading praise and worship at youth revivals, retreats, DiscipleNow's, etc. With his up-lifting guitar rhythms and his soothing piano melodies, this singer/songwriter lifts his voice to the Maker of Days out of pure joy and thanksgiving.

During the summer before his senior year, Adam was involved in the summer missionary ministry of Trinity Church, Vail, CO. Later that year, Adam felt the Lord's pressing to return to Vail and pursue a more permanent ministry with the local body of believers at Trinity. Assisting the church's music minister, Adam helped led praise and worship for the church's Gen-X service.

After ten years of seeking and anticipation, Adam was called into full-time ministry in May 2006. God sovereignly paved the way for their journey to Fairway Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, TX where he served as Pastor of Worship.

After his resignation from Fairway and a trying divorce, Adam now understands the importance of living each day under the grace and forgiveness of his Great God. He is learning anew how to trust God in ALL things...not just the pretty ones. At age 41, with thirty years of growth as a believer, Adam is still discovering the depth and richness of God's love in his life.

Adam and his wife, Allison, reside in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He has four absolutely beautiful children...Emma, Caleb, Bryson, and Addison.

"After witnessing His power and His peace, we can only stand in awe and praise Him with everything that is in us."