I sing because Jesus has filled my heart with
joy. I praise Him because He is the only one
worthy of being praised. When I think about
His love and His grace, I never know the
answer to the question "Why?" It just is.
Knowing that Jesus took every punishment
that I deserved, leaves me amazed. I am left
with nothing else to do, but fall to my knees,
lift my hands, and worship.

I feel worship is not just singing hymns (or even worship choruses), or sitting through a "worship service", or spending hours in prayer. YES, by all means, these are amazing ways of loving our Savior....but it's not worship....YOUR VERY LIFE IS.

When you live your life being true to who God has created you to be...guess are living it in WORSHIP. Yes, praise, prayer, teaching, fellowship, etc. should be key elements in everyone's personal relationship with Christ; but as an overflow from what we have eternally received from He who made us.

Worship is not something we receive when we go to church on Sunday morning or the fun we have at a fellowship dinner. On the contrary, it is what we, as the human race, give back to our Sovereign God--the only One worthy of being worshipped. It is our sacrificial offering that we lift up to Jesus--the ultimate Sacrifice.

I pray that "worship services" will be more like a "Worship Preparation Service." Preparing the hearts and minds of those in attendance, to live their life in a habit of daily, continuous WORSHIP. And that the service will be a time to wind down from the past week's hectic schedules, and a time of rejuvenation and renewal for the upcoming week.